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What Math/Related Subjects Are You Currently Studying?

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I am beginning year 11 this year.
I am taking (Math Related);

Mathematics 3A/3B (Calculus)
Mathematics Specialist 3A/3B (Physics incorporated math: Dealing with circular vectors etc.)
Physics 2A/2B (Physics)

All of these are the highest possible level to study in year 11. In year 12, I will study:

Mathematics 3C/3D
Mathematics Specialist 3C/3D
Physics 3A/3B

Eana Tanhì:
I'm 4th (last) year of the high school now, and I have:

Mathematics (hmm.. everything together  :D)

we don't have different levels to choose, we all learn the same stuff :P

Currently working on numerics...

Swoka Ikran:
Studying nothing now, but I had calculus last semester. In high school, I had Geometry, and Algebra 2 and 3.

I'll be taking statistics next, but don't know when (probably either fall 2011 or spring 2012).

I absolutely loathed statistics.. especially Venn Diagrams..


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