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If you want to know more about the mathematics, you don't need to study it at the university. There's Youtube. You should find good channels.

Post here the cool stuff you found on Youtube. We might discuss about it. ;)
I recommend to you the channel Numberphile.

If you like big numbers, watch these:

Does this fit here too?

As for checking that ancient chinese math method, I used my calculator: 432 * 312 = 134'784
It's true. :o

Ah, ancient chinese math is realy fantastic!

It's fair to say that I'm a numberphile, I've seen all (if not, most) of the video's and time after time I get to learn something new and exciting. I'm a fan of Dr. James Grime, who is featured on the numberphile channel quite often, who on his own YouTube channel (singingbanana) poses braincrunching math puzzels, I strongly recommend checking that out.

Another mathgeek on YouTube I follow and would recommend is ViHart. Be warned for a lot of colors and dreaming off into a math-filled world, which to be honest is something I couldn't really relate to at first, but after watching a lot of her video's I started to doodle and get creative in math class too.

Tirea Aean:
I totally also subscribe to Numberphile on YouTube. Love those guys.


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