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So I have recently started learning Na'vi here, and I spend a lot of time in TeamSpeak3 which has been helping me immensely!  However, it would be awesome to have other ways to get a hold of people for quick, random questions, or to practice grammar before I start trying to speak it!   8)

The other threads discussing text and such are quite dated, so I thought I'd start a new one now that technology has significantly changed.  I myself have two Apple devices, both capable of FaceTime with anyone who would be interested.  Facebook's international 'free texting' would also be a great option - my profile is Malinda Sager if anyone is interested.  :D

There's also the option of direct text for those willing to share phone numbers.  PM me if you're interested in mine.  :D

I might just be the random super-enthusiastic newbie, but I have heard a couple comments tossed around that people miss talking in Na'vi to others.  While I'm not yet capable of holding a full conversation, many of you are and I'm sure others would enjoy talking to each other. 


I'd be willing to text if I knew who I was texting with at least a bit. So I'd possibly be willing to do that. hmmm....


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