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Tirea Aean:
My number has changed again. I'm also on iMessage (but only when on my Mac mini)

Eana Unil:
Oh, I never knew this thread even existed.  :( What about apps like WhatsApp or Line e.g.?

Tirea Aean:
I'm corey9878 on Kik. I also use Facebook Messenger for International Texting. /guitar4ever and /tirea are my facebook accounts. I mainly use the first one bc it's the one on my phone.

I don't use any of my other messaging accounts. Feel free to msg/chat me any time :)

Eana Unil:
*revives old thread*

Anyone interested in a Na'vi Whatsapp Group? Or does one exist even? Would wanna join :3

Just because... Skype grp is dead for so long now, and IRC isn't really crowded, so yeah... Thought I'd give it a shot

(801 posts now, destroyed that even number, meh)

Tirea Aean:
You know what's funny about this?

^  that guy just started and caused me to create a WhatsApp account. :D you can find me and totally add me! I'd love to get in on this! :D


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