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First off, you'll need to buy Minecraft at www.minecraft.net. I'm personally quite for the whole indie gaming scene. Notch, Mojang, and C418 are awesome folks and you should support them.

Minecraft runs on any operation system with Java installed. Chances are, you already have it on your computer.

Once the game is running, select multiplayer, and connect to minecraft.learnnavi.org:
[html]<div style="width:100%; min-height: 450px; background: transparent url(http://minecraft.learnnavi.org/images/bg.png); text-align: center;"><br/><img src="http://minecraft.learnnavi.org/images/learnnavi-login.png"/><br/></div>[/html]

Seze is the overlord and admin for the server. Contact him for any specific concerns.

Happy mining/crafting/building!

'Oma Tirea:
More details about joining/getting started here.

A nice map of the server with zoom can be found at http://minecraft.wothgaming.com/servermaps/LN/.

EDIT: I hope to get player positions working on the map so you can see where people are while looking at the map in a web browser.

'Oma Tirea:
I may not have minecraft yet, but this should get me prepped nìlam... :D

Tìrey Tsmukan:
Hmm, I just connected to the creative server and was unable to do anything... example, trying to use a chest "You do not have permission to open that in this area" in red letters appears... do I need to be oped or something?  ???

Anyway, Irayo in advance.

Eywa ngahu.


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