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Awesome (imho) Pandora/Avatar MC Mod in the making


Eana Unil:
Kaltxì seiyi oe frapor :)

When I discovered this mod with the help of a link inside another Avatar forum, I got pretty excited and euphoric, because if this is gonna become the way I imagine it, I will definitely play MC "more" often until the day the official Avatar MMO might be released ;D

Go see for yourself ;)

Just asked if there will be an official server provided with this mod, and one of the creators said that they're planning to set up a server for all Na'vi nerds and curious people the day this mod will be released.

Can't waiiiiitttt~ >_< xD

Just looked at it, and I can't wait either. :) Just wish my computer would load the spoilers properly so I could see all of the pictures... either way I saw some and it looks amazing, especially the banshee's, and I really hope there will be a server version of this mod. If anyone else likes this mod and needs help installing when it comes out, feel free to pm me.

Irayo ma tsmuke for the post. Never would've found it otherwise! ;)

Wish I would have seen this, can't wait.

Eana Unil:
By the way, the Beta is available for download and testing: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1346488-wip-151-the-avatar-mod-a-new-dimension-based-off-of-the-movie-avatar-beta-download-available/

Will try it out for the first time in some minutes :)


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