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Building Kelutral

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Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä:
Kelutral has been dead for a long time, I'll try to rebuild it at about 300blocks from hellsgate, in the meanwhile i'll build alot of tree's around hellsgate.
Somebody should make a plugin for bigger tree's... Oh and we should build a wall from bedrock to the top of the world made out of 50% bedrock and 50%glass in a radius of about 500 (or bigger) around hellsgate. :p So all of the stuff within that, can be made pandorian jungle and Rda bases. We can also build the Eastern sea, several unobtanium bases and iknimaya mountains, offcourse this is a longterm project which will take ALOT of time.

Lets start with a list of projects for pandora on the creative.

-Epic wall of bedrock. (note, the wall could be made like cliffs, we can make a double wall with the sea between it, so it's less disturbing)
-iknimaya mountains and ikran area.
-Eastern sea.
-Several quarry's for unobtanium.
-Tree's and jungle area. (alot of height differences, hills, waterfalls and rivers) - Height differences.
                                                                                                         - Rivers and waterfalls.
                                                                                                         - Trees and jungle. (tall grass and flowers everywhere, no snow, or desert)
-Fitting texture pack. (HD - with smoother water animation, fitting unobtanium  (lapis lazuli) ore and more.

(ps - contact me for more info on the texture pack)


--- Quote from: Mìhìl Taronyu on April 16, 2011, 04:11:05 pm ---Attention! Akiwiguy and I are constructing kelutral at spawn, burn it down, and the banikran will fly in, pick you up and eat you.

--- End quote ---




OK, someone destroyed half of it.
What the frak?
EDIT: The trunk was removed as part of okristi removing the lava that some people put around the spawn area.
1.5M blocks of lava.
We'll just have to redo the trunk. At least the rest is intact.

Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä:
Bump! Thread renewal! Read all at the top. :-)


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