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LearnNavi now has a minecraft server, minecraft.learnnavi.org. Woohoo! Eternal thanks to Seze for making this happen!

We had a slight griefing problem earlier today with someone setting fire to everything.  I will probably look into implementing some sort of whitelisting policy on the server.  Something to prove you are part of the Learn Na'vi community, probably just a basic question in na'vi.  Until I get that done, the server will let anyone in.  If you see any trouble, just report any offending users here, and they will be removed from the server.  Also, I do keep hourly backups, so if something really bad happens, know that I can roll the server back to an earlier state if necessary, which is what we did to undo all the arson damage that happened earlier...

Wooo ill have to come in after school :D
How will the opping/admins work?

Ngima Nikre:

--- Quote from: Eanikran te Txuronyu Ateyo’itan on January 19, 2011, 05:41:11 am ---Wooo ill have to come in after school :D
How will the opping/admins work?

--- End quote ---

There are, respectively, op and admin commands in the Minecraft server console.
Alternatively, one can just add usernames to the op.txt/admin.txt files to make them ops/admins (when the server isn't running, of course).

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:
Is this only for beta or does it also work for classic?


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