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Also added: Zeswa, txep, ayana, tsko, swizaw, vol ahi'i, ayrina', uran, loi, txärem, atxkxerel, sì ayrik.

Blue Elf:
I would do some minor changes:

--- Quote from: Tìlu on June 20, 2015, 12:41:10 pm ---Done: Hasey
Cancel: Ftang
Yes: Srane
No: Kehe

Singleplayer: 'Awa tute
Multiplayer: Pxaya tute

Select World: Ftxey Kifkeyt
World: Kifkey
Delete: Ska'a

Play Multiplayer: Uvan si hu pxaya tute

You died!: Nga tolerkup!

Stone: Tskxe
Cobblestone: Fwela tskxe -> it's doesn't seem correct, but there is no better contruction... (maybe tskxe angawnop? -created stone)
Water: Pay
Grass: Zeswa
Fire: Txep
Vines: Ayana
Bow: Tskol
Arrow: Swizaw
Stick: Vul ahì'i
Seeds: Ayrina'
Boat: Uran
Egg: Loi
Bone: Txärem
Map: Atxkxerel
Leaves: Ayrìk

--- End quote ---

Fixed thoes errors you gave ma Blue Elf (or they should be fixed, I got them in the file fixed at least). Also I should watch out more for typos. oops.
Also I agree that what I have for cobblestone doesn't seem correct, but I don't feel tskxe angawnop is correct either. I'll think on that.


--- Quote from: Tìlu on June 20, 2015, 12:41:10 pm ---So since I've been playing Minecraft a far amount recently I've decided to try translating Minecraft into Na'vi, though there's already a thread but that hasn't been active since 2012 at least, so I figured I'd start a new one (though I admit I took some from the last thread). Just as something I'm interested in doing, even if I'm not the greatest at Na'vi (yet). Just going to be posted what I've gotten so far, and any help would be appreciated. :D

Done: Hasey
Cancel: Ftang
Yes: Srane
No: Kehe

--- End quote ---

Very nice and interesting idea, ma Tìlu  :)

Good idea! If the vocabulary is not too much complicated, let's create Maynkraft!

Instead of 'awa tute, I would use nì'awtu.


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