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Learnnavi.org Minecraft Server Dynamic maps now live!


Palulukan Maktoyu:
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Learnnavi.org Minecraft creative server NOW WITH LIVE DYNAMIC MAP! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks to our gracious Server hoster ( SEZE ) I've gotten the Learnnavi.org Creative Minecraft server and Pandora Survival server up to date
AND It now has Dynamic mapping!

You can see who's in the world , and even see all the beautiful creations our members have made

For the Creative Server Visit: http://minecraft.learnnavi.org]
For Pandora Survival Server Visit: http://pandora.learnnavi.org/

Fantastic news!

Palulukan Maktoyu:
Oh yea, sorry hadda restart box there. not sure why but it just stopped talking outbound. but logs didn't suggest it was a plugins so it's back up

i'm gonna build a list of the working stargates and HOPEFULLY pin dot them so they show up on the map

Looks like someone set off a whole load of tnt or something on the survival server, or at least it does near the spawn point.

Palulukan Maktoyu:
Oh. Ill have a look later in morning. If so Ill roll it back. Fortunatly I have several backups of that server.  Thanks for the heads up. Darn griefers I bet

Just checked it, looks ok but noticed a few perfect rectagle items I dont remember so will look into it later. Again yhnx for the head up :) btw all that white stuff is snow


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