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Minecraft Server's and their state


Palulukan Maktoyu:

World name: Pandora
Type: Survival
Server type: Vanilla
Server Version: 1.7.5
Address: pandora.learnnavi.org

World name: Minecraft
Type: Creative
Server type: Bukkit
Server Version: 1.6.4-r2
Address: minecraft.learnnavi.org

News for today:
Pandora now up an UP TO DATE 1.7.5 VANILLA survival Minecraft!
Updated to Latest minecraft vanilla to keep up with fixes everything that comes with it. always nice when your up to date!

As for the creative
As well everything else including the Dynamic Maps!

As well bukkit is up to 1.7.2 I will be looking at getting this update applied soon just need to make sure the plugin maintainers have kept up with it. Will post here again once this has happened!

We have a CraftIRC bot going as well so if your an IRC buff like a few of us and hangout in irc.learnnavi.org you can find it
in #minecraft

Awngal ayoengit zene ziva'u uvan si

Palulukan Maktoyu:
News update:(out of date now )

Have been testing a new server layout. to bring in the best of everything while still keeping the old

Multiverse 2 is working on the latest beta of Bukkit!
I've also imported the original server worlds into it and so far it's holding and stable
Worldedit and Worldguard latest dev builds working great so far.
craftbook and command book are also functional
PermissionsEX: still in testing
CraftIRC: still testing
Dynmap: Working like a boss!
Coreprotect ( not yet tested but being considered )
Logblock, working great.

(feel free to suggest any plugins that might be useful or fun )

Wormhole X-treme has been found out to be broken after all
Existing gate function, but if they get broken they stop working ( eg: block of it's essential frame gets destroyed)
the problem with this is, if you damage a gate and it gets destroyed, you can't get it to regenerate.
also if you build a new dhd, and then tell wormhole to autobuild a new one, the new one is placed closer to you by 1 block and to the right. the problem is it also makes a new dhd pillar. if this is not accounted for the newly built stargate will destroy any blocks it replaces with it's own.
 the ability to build the frame yourself and then it auto recognize the shape has stopped working as well
this means getting old gates to re-initialize will fail.
 Thusly this plugin has been put on hold and is replaced currently with Multiverse gate's
while they are alot more limited, vs wormhole x-treme as gates go from point to point and don't have multiple destination possible from a single gate, they are functional across multiple worlds so making them a good temp replacement
suggestion is that if a gate is built to make sure there's enough room around it for the day that the stargate's can come back ( assuming the dev of the plugin gets it going )
this is the best compromise to get the latest features of the new 1.4.6

Any thoughts feel free to comment.


Palulukan Maktoyu:
News update:
Updated latest server states and asking for input regarding creative server world reset vs continue to grow it more.

Palulukan Maktoyu:
updated minecraft server state post


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