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Minecraft Stargate locations & names


I'm getting all the stargate locations and names together to ease transport across the server so PM me the ones you know of or if I've added one you don't want people to know

Current list (coordinates are x,y,z)

Taw = (-621,77,1397) = Near my town to be.
spawn = (-46,67,-176) = You start here.
kelutral = (68,67,-176) = not far from spawn. Near Tom's home
loldunno = (-221,66,381) = Hufwe's home.
sg1 = (-648,76,1088) = Mìhìl's home
TM1 = (-678,68,1441) = Taw's Mine 1 - Mine entrance

qr @ (?,?,?) = epic qr code :)

Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä:
I think this needs a big update, I don't know alot of gates, though, I only copy them on my list at my gate.

I have over 30, not sure if everyone want his/her gate revealed.


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