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We need to get the server back up and running

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Who here agrees that we need to re-activate the server?

I'd join it occasionally if it was up, so I agree. Only if whoever hosts it is willing, or if we have someone else that's willing to.

Tirea Aean:

--- Quote from: TEAgaming2154 on July 01, 2015, 01:22:06 pm ---Who here agrees that we need to re-activate the server?

--- End quote ---

I do.

I'm not even sure what the state of affairs is of the previous two servers. One was stuck on a seriously old version due to being custom (IIRC) and the other one was slightly more up to date.

Anyone know if there is anyone hosting a world? I don't have the hardware. Actually, we could probably host MC on LN's server.  :-\ !Summon Toruk Makto

I do own and host a MC server, and it was originally was Avatar-themed, until a friend of mine came on, and started hating on me. I have reverted it to any old server, and no one ever comes on except for me, and my ports got all screwed up. It's running Spigot 1.8 with LOTS of plugins. For example I have MaxBans, which boosts the power of /ban, /kick, and /mute. I have an anti-swearing chat bot, /tpa, and a whole bunch of admin fun trolling plugins, like iControlU, which allows operators to "possess" players, and control their movements, what they do, and what they say in the chat. That player can't do anything about it until I run the command /icu stop. All the plugins are tested and working. All I have to do is re-configure the ports, and get a stable and fast Internet connection.

And about the LN server hosting it, it would need a few gigabytes of free RAM, and a good CPU.

Tirea Aean:
Stats on Kelutral server are insane.

AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4386                  (3100.01-MHz K8-class CPU)
real memory  = 34359738368 (32768 MB)
avail memory = 33115983872 (31581 MB)


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