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There are some newer features in Minecraft that we can't easily take advantage of without traveling to far away areas that have yet to be explored.  A number of other minecraft servers out there do a map reset after new versions come out.  Should we do the same?

For the creative server, it may be possible to keep the current world accessible due to Bukkit's ability to run multiple worlds. 

I was actually going to suggest this... Will there be room for actual Creative Mode in Creative?

’Rrtayä tsamsiyu:
hmmm, a reset would let us use the newer features, but would destroy the rail network, hometree and hell's gate (if the last two were ever completed). i dont think its worth it, on the basis that not many people get on it anymore. Kehe leyn

I was thinking that we could archive all of the older worlds on the creative server.  Bukkit allows for multiple worlds, so we could just drop them all into the creative server and then use the stargates or other teleport system to jump between the worlds.  And if we go that route, we could actually just leave the creative server alone, but add a new world to it that has all the new features.

’Rrtayä tsamsiyu:
hmm, that sounds good. Sran lyen  ;D


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