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stxong kameyu:
Greetings to all. I just got a tablet with a 2.0 software update. I use to have the navi language app on my phone now my phone blew up. Now, I hope someone can do an app for the tablet. I tried to i stall the app for the mobile phone version, but I guess the tablet needs a certain format. I don't know what to do. I miss my na'vi app. Hope all is well. Be safe and be well to all.

Niri Te:
KALTXI Paramedium, I notice this is your first post, welcome to the family! The closest thing that I have to a tablet is my 3G iPhone. Pretty soon, I'm going to get a Kindle Fire, I am not about to pay what apple want's for theirs.
Niri Te

stxong kameyu:
I understand, I bought this blackberry tablrt at Radio Shack for 200.00 dollors. This thing goes on internet, has adobe reader, download movies, music, from your PC. Game apps are cool. I have all .pdf files on the navi language from learnnavi site so I have with me all the time. All I need now is the tablet apps to feel complete. LOL.

Palulukan Maktoyu:
Kaltxì ma frapo

I've converted the original 0.7.1 dictionary app from android to a compatable BAR file for Blackberry Playbook running OS 2.1
You do have to know how to side load an app at this stage. * that may change in the future not sure yet *
if there's an interest i'll make it available once permission is given by it's current developer.

Do you think it can work on BlackBerry Z10? I guess it would have more users than the tablet.  :)


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