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Bogus Android Learnnavi app


Toruk Makto:
Ma frapo,

  Just FYI, there is a bogus (and rather crappy) LearnNavi app that has appeared on Google Play. Not only does it rip off and mangle our language data, it also has the new official LEI Avatar logo as it's identifier image. Obviously this is *bad*.

  Everyone knows how big of a butthole I am about copyright violations. So, just for general knowledge, please be aware that official cease and desist notices have been sent to the authors of that app. It's being handled at very high levels.

That is all.


Tirea Aean:
I'm glad to hear this is being handled. I hope to actually finish writing our app. I just want it to be very nice and very useful before I publish it to the Play Store.

via LG-K550 (Tapatalk)

I'm also glad that's this is being handled.
Looking forward to the release of *our* LN app at the Google Play Store. :)

I am very glad to read that our administration cares about the language. This sends a message about the level of respect the language deserves.
I do believe Karyu Pawl would thank you very much.


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