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Current Dictionary Problems [Resolved]

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As a few of you are aware, the latest dictionary content update resulted in no data in the mobile app.  I have disable the dictionary content updater on my server until the issue is resolved.  I have tracked the problem down to the upstream dictionary content that we get from the main dictionary manager Eana Eltu, which coincidentally was just migrated to run on the main server.  The data we get is through the SQL file that is generated from that system.  That file is missing all English translations of the dictionary, which is why it looks like the app has no data, which is accurate because we aren't getting any data from the upstream system.  I've been in contact with the people maintaining that system, and we'll hopefully get this resolved sometime today.  Until then, there isn't much I can do but wait.

Palulukan Maktoyu:

Ok, I think the problem has been resolved.  Can you guys check to see if its working now for you?

I just pulled down the latest dictionary on my iPhone, and the words are back.  Irayo!

Seze Mune:
They work for me.  Irayo, ma Seze.  :D


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