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iPhone OS FAQs

1) I keep getting "Signer is not valid" errors when I try to install the App.
This error occurs when the App is being installed on a device that is not authorized to run the Ad-Hoc build of the Learn Na'vi iPhone OS App.  In order for a device to be authorized, it must be on the App's Beta Testers list.  The list is currently full and is closed to new devices.

2) How do I install the App?
To install the App, decompress the downloaded .zip file (Found on the build release page) and then drag the two files in the folder to iTunes to install.  You must drag these 2 files to the open iTunes Window only.  After the files have been added, sync your device to have the App installed onto the device.

3) When will this App be available in the App Store?
The App is available now.

4) How much will the App cost once its in the App Store?
Learn Na'vi will be sold as a Free App.  

Android OS FAQs

1) Is there an Android version?
An Android version of Learn Na'vi is currently being developed.  A public beta of the App is now available.


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