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Here's a Na'vi Keyboard on iOS

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Wanted to bump this up even though it's been a reeeallly long time.

I have been busy with startup work for the past 3 years, and my Apple developer account was cancelled because I wanted to save that $119 a year. Now that Canada is under lockdown we've got so much time on hand and I watched the movie again and finally mustered up the energy to make the app&keyboard support the latest iOS 13 and dark mode.

There hasn't been much new in terms of functionality, although I really hope to have something similar to Learn Na'vi's dictionary update soon. So cool!

Welcome back, nice to see you here again :) :)

Hi there, really cool to see a new update! Thanks for doing this and welcome back of course.
Redownloaded it, it's ready for use.

Suggestion: (I'm not familiar with iOS coding at all so forgive me if I'm suggesting impossible stuff HRH) is it possible to make hold-drag letters? For example if I wanted to type in all-caps, even the "x" and the "g" in the ejectives and ng. For example: it is impossible to write KALTXÌ (with the Eywa keyboard), only KALTxÌ, and though some prefer this style of writing, some prefer the other. If hold and drag letters are possible (like accents in regular keyboards), why not give them an option?

Also, something that may just be going wrong on my device. The Eywa keyboard seems to take up more screenspace than my other keyboards, with an extra top bar of grey, and some of the buttons have a different colour. (Uploaded two screenshots to show the difference.)


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