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Apple has made this so much easier than when we did this the last time, oh 6 or 7 years ago now.  I am now able to use Testflight to distribute beta builds to anyone who would like to beta test the app.  All I need is an email address for you to have the Testflight invite sent out to you.  Once you accept the invite, you will be able to download and install all future beta builds through the Testflight app on your device.  I am targeting iOS 9 as the minimum version required to run the app.  As long as your device is running iOS 9 or later you should be good to go.  I'm also only targeting iPhones for right now.  It may run on an iPad, but its not designed for it. 

I pushed a build up to Testflight (v2.0.0-6).  Its a completely rewrite of the old app.  It has a basic UI at the moment.  The Dictionary section hasn't been built yet.  Just finished doing a lot of the other stuff to get the basic wrapper UI in place and functional. 

Send me a PM or an email with your email address, and I'll start getting everyone added who wants access to the beta builds in Testflight.

Sent a PM to you! :D

I added you to the list.  It looks like Apple wants to do a beta app review before anything can become available to the external group for users to test.  I think its a one time only thing, but not really sure.  The current build I put up was likely going to fail that review step as that build was incomplete.  I'll try to get a new build up sometime once I get a basic version of the dictionary functional.

Send you a PM as well :)

Toruk Makto:
Hey, almost every post on the LN Facebook page gets at least one comment asking when ios 11 will be supported...  Any news?


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