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--- Quote from: Seze on July 21, 2017, 07:43:32 am ---Did any of this work for iOS get checked in to GitHub somewhere?  I'm currently in the process of building a new database to power the mobile apps, so we should have a lot of extra data available soon. After thats done, I'm wanting to rebuild the iOS app, quite possibly from scratch using Swift.  The current build is going to stop functioning come iOS 11.

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I was sort of hoping, in the process, we could use Xamarin.  That has the advantage of being very cross-platform, not only iOS and Android, but Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops as well.  Yeah, it's a different language (C#) but the development tools are all free now.  As for the database, I'd love to hear what you have in mind for it.  Maybe I can help?

Tirea Aean:
As for xplatform for Android, I'm listening. A current local codebase for a brand new Android app using Java+XML is already written awaiting the Database rewrite Seze is working on. Eana Eltu is about to be deprecated.

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Sorry for the delay.  Life got busy on me.  As of today, the iOS app is non-functional for those who upgrade to iOS 11.  I started looking at the iOS app this afternoon, but its going to be a bit before I can get a new build ready.  I'm thinking just the bare minimum so it can be re-submitted to Apple for approval.  Then a full rewrite as time allows (after the work on EE is finished).

I'm not updating to iOS 11 until the app is avalible. I'm glad it's not forgotten and thank you for the work on it! 8)

Thanks for working on it - iPad user :) I'm not updating my iPod so I can still be able to use current build.


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