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Tirea Aean:
That does look really nice. But you're right. If all the data we put int the app is simply that data found in the Eana Eltu, it will look pretty sparse with a lot of white space on a large screen. One of the reasons the screen looks so full on the Webster app is because English is so insane, that it has several definitions for almost every word. And then it includes examples sentences, trivia, etymology, etc. None of these are in our database. We would have to create all of that from scratch which is a lot of work.

EDIT: Another thing I'm thinking about with respect to the Learn Na'vi Mobile app is... Is it /just/ a dictionary app? What if it had a section for phrases, numbers, and pronunciations/phonetics? With a name like Learn Na'vi, I might expect these things to be there. (even if eventually) Right now, it's just a dictionary, but do we plan on expanding it like this? Or should we maybe rename it to Na'vi Dictionary or something?

At least in the iOS app, there's code stubs in there for a phrasebook.  I believe it also links to NiaN and a few other things under "Resources".  That said, I've had a few things in my to-do list for a while:

- Adding a phrasebook
- Downloadable audio samples, for phrases and words
- "Favorite" words/phrases
- Possibly some flashcards, and/or a Tree-of-Voices-style educational system

My only problem is that I simply haven't had the time to code any of this :/

Tirea Aean:
I'm right there with you on all counts

Did any of this work for iOS get checked in to GitHub somewhere?  I'm currently in the process of building a new database to power the mobile apps, so we should have a lot of extra data available soon. After thats done, I'm wanting to rebuild the iOS app, quite possibly from scratch using Swift.  The current build is going to stop functioning come iOS 11.

To be honest, I haven't had a lot of time to work on any of it.  That said, things have calmed down at my end, and maybe this weekend I can start getting things together.


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