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Rest assured, folks, the iOS app isn't forgotten ;)  I'm making the necessary changes to make it look good on iOS 7 & 8 :)

Tirea Aean:
Awesome news!

Once that's done, I assume you plan to work on iPad version?

All your work is totally appreciated. (Even if I don't have an iOS device anymore)

Yes, as soon as I can find a good UI paradigm for the larger screen.

Tirea Aean:
I'm struggling with large screen UI paradigm too, for the Android app. It just sticks with me that the phone layout just doesn't look good on a 10" tablet. If one of us comes up with something, maybe we can talk about it so as to continue making the apps as similar as possible. :)

I'm leaning very heavily towards something like Merriam-Webster's dictionary app for iPad ( ).  However, there isn't nearly enough data per word to fill out the detail panel.


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