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Learn Na'vi iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App - beta v0.6.1

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Version 0.6.0 has been released

Release Notes for Version 0.6.1 (Build 103)
-Fixed searching with ' character

This App only works on authorized devices, download link below for those authorized to run the App.
SpoilerOnce again, if you are not on the Beta Testers List, this App won't work for you.  A "Signer is not valid" error usually indicates this.  If you see this error and are on the Beta Testers List, contact me for help here in this thread.
 Learn Navi v0.6.1
Installation Instructions
Decompress the .zip and then drag the two files in the folder to iTunes to install, and then sync.  Let me know if you have any problems with the new packaging format.

This release contains some bug fixes.

If you experience any crashes, or see anything odd, please report it on here...

The iPhone/iPod Touch Beta Testing List is now CLOSED

I only have about 10 spots left on my account, and with the release of the new iPad, I want to reserve the remaining spaces for iPads.  There currently are no iPad specific functions in the App, but I want to make sure I have some iPad users in my beta tester pool when that time comes.

iPad Beta Testers Needed

I have 10 spots open for iPad Users.  This is open to anyone who is already on the beta testers list with an iPhone or iPod Touch as well.  To apply, please send me a PM with your iPad's UDID.

Calling all Developers, Artists, and Anyone Else Who Wants to Help
I have seen a few posts in this thread along with a few PMs from people who want to help out on this project.  One of my goals for this project from the start was to have this be a project for the community, by the community.  I have decided that the project has matured enough now that I feel comfortable letting others get involved in the development of the project.  

How to get involved
If you would like to get involved, you need to have an account with Google.  If you don't have one, you can create one here, free of charge.  The project is hosted on Google Code ( Project Link ).  If you would like to be a part of the team developing this project, please send me a PM with your Google Account Email Address in it, and I will add you to the team working on the project.

One of the limitations on this project however, is that to work on the core code of the project, you need to have a Mac.  There really isn't much of a way around this, the iPhone SDK only runs on Mac OS X (It may be possible to install OS X on a PC, but it is a violation of the EULA and will not be discussed here).  If you are able to run the SDK, you do not have to be a registered iPhone Developer with Apple (i.e. pay the $99 membership fee) to run the code on your device.  So, if you do have the SDK and an iPhone or iPod Touch, PM me and I can get you the certificates and provisioning information needed to build the App and have it run on your device.  However, that being said, not all things related to this project require the iPhone SDK.  The graphics used in the App were all made with Photoshop and then exported into PNG format.  Also, some coding on the project does not require the SDK.  The code to parse the dictionary is one example.  There are plenty of other areas that could be explored by others as well.  The only concrete section in the App so far is the Dictionary, the rest of the App is still completely up in the air as to what it will be or look like.

After you have been added to the project, you need to checkout the code.  The project uses Subversion for source control.  Using SVN (Subversion) is beyond the scope of this post as there are many tutorials and help pages online on how to install and use SVN.  Instructions to checkout the project can be found here.  If you run into any problems using SVN with this project, feel free to ask here for help.  After you have checked out the code, you can make changes to pretty much anything, could be code or the graphics.  Once you have made your changes, you need to checkin your changes to the repository.  When you commit a change, please be sure to document what you changed and why when you commit.  While any changes you make can be undone if something bad happens, just be careful with what you change.

Personally, I can't stand fake 3D effects on text... besides that, looks good so far!

I would personally program in a 'cheat sheet' part: besides the fully detailed lesson system, I would implement a simple overview over the syntax of the language (this-is-this system)... I have a primitive setup on the 'Notes' app on my iPod Touch.

I would like to be an apptester ;)

Irayo nìtxan ma Seze! That was like my dream for the last few weeks, so I shall definietely be keeping a close eye on how the project evolves :) That said, sign me up for the apptesting part, of course.

Ateyo te Kellett:
hmm. I don't have iphone. only ipod touch. think it'll work? I have never downloaded any apps, so i don't even know if it works with ipod


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