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omängum fra'uti:
UPDATE [10 MAY 2016]:
New Version Download
- WAY more part of speech filters. See screenshots, download Link above

UPDATE [01 MAY 2016]:
The latest working source code of the (non-Material Design) app is on GitHub.

Version 0.8.0 has been compiled and released.

Release Notes for Version 0.8.0 (as of 14 Jun 2014)
- Support for many more screen sizes and resolutions
- improved clarity of graphics
- updated version number
- ready for Google Play :D

--Tirea Aean

Version 0.7.0 has been released

Release Notes for Version 0.7.0 (Build 158)
-Add scroll thumb
-Add part of speech filter
-Sort search suggestions with shorter matches first
-Show more search suggestions
-Android release should now be feature equivalent to iOS release.

You need to have the option to install apps from other sources selected to install this.  (If it is not set, it will give you a button to go to options to set it.)  If your phone does not allow that option, you will need to find alternate means to install it using the Android SDK.
I lost the password for the key used to sign the last release, so you WILL need to uninstall any previous builds before installing this one.

Installation Instructions
Scan this QR code with your favorite Android bar-code scanner, or select it to download directly if you are viewing this from an Android browser, or to side-load the app.

I am not terribly happy with the interface for the part of speech filter, but I gave up fighting with the SDK to get the look and feel I wanted.

Please post any bug reports here...

omängum fra'uti:
One minor known issue is that the letter headings in the word list don't span the full screen width in landscape orientation.


Tireayä Syalhu:
Love this, irayo!  ;D

Human No More:
Irayo... just what I was looking for! ;D


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