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Roadmap for the future?


Ever since the issue with the dictionary data a couple of weeks ago, I've been wondering where the current mobile apps can go and what more we, as a community, can do with them.  (Seze, if I'm stepping on your toes here, let me know.)

To begin, in order to avoid a repeat of the recent dictionary data issue, I'd like to do several things: (1) add the ability to look for the dictionary data in multiple places; (2) do a "sanity check" on the downloaded data so that any possible problems (i.e. empty "entries" table) can be identified quickly and remedied; (3) keep available in the app a limited number of old copies of the database (no more than maybe 7) so that problems in the download process or the data don't keep the user from having a functional application.

I'm also interested in adapting the iOS app for the iPad, and possibly adding functionality similar to Tree of Voices.  I've already done some work on the former, but more than that, I'm very interested in knowing what everyone else would like to see in the apps in the future.

So...what would you like to see?


--- Quote from: sfc78 on April 25, 2012, 11:36:46 am ---Seze, if I'm stepping on your toes here, let me know.

--- End quote ---

Not at all.  I haven't had the time to work on this at all lately, currently working 2 jobs right now.  So by all means, please feel free to start working on the app.  That is one of the big reasons I made it open source, was so that others could help out on it, and pick it up and run with it if I was no longer able to.  I would also be more than happy to submit any app updates to Apple for you as well.  If you don't have a paid iOS developer membership, I can probably hook you up with a copy of my keys so you could do some dev work on actual hardware.  While I may not have the time to do new development on the app, I should be able to free up some time to help answer any questions you have on the app internals, as well as any administrative tasks like adding users to the github project, etc.


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