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Vawm tsamsiyu:
I have the iPhone app and it refuses to work even after reinstalling it  :'( it just ignores me when I push buttons in the app, how do I make it work ?

For me, in the past few days it's been taking a looong time (well, several seconds) after tapping the Dictionary button on the splash screen before the app displays the dictionary.  If you let it run for a minute, does it eventually go through?

Vawm tsamsiyu:
It didn't but I put my phone in airplane mode so there was no Internet then it worked right away  ???

I found the problem.  The server I was using to host all the dictionary content died recently.  I thought I had this service moved off to my other server already, but it would appear that is not so.  I went ahead and moved most everything over to my other server and things "should" be working now.  I still need to do some work to get things updating properly again, but you should be able to use the app again. 


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