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Suggestion: Move code to GitHub

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We have a LearnNavi org, and it should be trivial to import the Google Code repo into Git.
GitHub has a much nicer interface than Google Code, Git is better than SVN, plus pull requests, much better project wiki, etc.

Also, if this does happen, request to be added to the LearnNavi org. GitHub username is akiwiguy.

The plan is to migrate the project over to Github sometime soon.  Not sure if I'll get around to this today or not.

I've created an account on github, watch for a PM with my account name.

Nice. Git and Github are both more maniable and nicer to use. Glad to see this.  :)

Alright, everything should be migrated over to GitHub now.  Still have some cleanup to do as far as updating links and stuff like that to point to GitHub now instead of Google Code, but I'll work on that later.


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