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Learn Na'vi v0.6.1 (iOS)

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Version 0.6.1 has been released

Release Notes for Version 0.6.1 (Build 103)
-Fixed searching with ' character

This App only works on authorized devices, download link below for those authorized to run the App.
SpoilerOnce again, if you are not on the Beta Testers List, this App won't work for you.  A "Signer is not valid" error usually indicates this.  If you see this error and are on the Beta Testers List, contact me for help here in this thread.
 Learn Navi v0.6.1
Installation Instructions
Decompress the .zip and then drag the two files in the folder to iTunes to install, and then sync.  Let me know if you have any problems with the new packaging format.

This release contains some bug fixes.

Please post any bug reports here...

The app is looking really good ma seze.
I have a question though, after I installed 0.6.1 it ran fine but today it won't start up, it hang at the title screen for about 30 seconds then crashes. Is this just something I'm doing wrong with syncing?

Not sure, it could be because my server is offline.  A simple solution to the problem would be to put your device in Airplane mode or turn off the wireless antennas.  This should make the part of the code that checks online for updates timeout much quicker.  I had to yank my server for use on a business trip this weekend.  Its currently on, waiting for the DNS changes to propagate out though.  I'm hoping to have it running back in its normal location after the weekend.

That sounds about right, irayo for the explanation. It was working in a no Internet zone earlier at school then it stopped when I reconnected. It's working now though, the push update comes up a little slow though  which is probably what you're explaining  :D

irayo again  :)

Searching with special characters (like ä and ì) doesn't work for me. If I missed something and you already know, apologies. Did you have a special trick in the works for allowing searching for strings that included a to hit ä too?


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