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Windows Phone 7 version?

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Sіr. Ηaxalot:
SQLite exists, just not official, so that won't be a problem. That Microsoft wouldn't support SQLite isn't that big of a surprise, if they're going to offer anything it will probably be SQL CE.

btw, where do you get the IPA?

'eylan na'viyä:
i don't think this helps much with programming but i remembered that someone already has done something on windows mobile:

this might be an alternative until the app is finished

i also have a general question about "windows phone 7": is it compatible to the older "windows mobile", "windows ce" , ...and how they all were called? I have an pda with windows mobile 2003 and a satelite navigation system with "windows ce 5.0 core" (most of them run with windows ce)

Sіr. Ηaxalot:
Windows Phone 7 is a complete restart from the older Widnows Mobile systems, to get rid of all problems with the old system. i.e. old apps wont be compatible.
This time Microsoft is going with the same approach as Apple and Google, a system that is highly based on apps, and they're using their Silverlight and XNA platform for apps and games, which aren't working on the old WM devices.

As for multitasking, that seems to be confirmed that it will be some kind of multitasking, just that the user won't be able to control what is running and not, that is managed automatically. If the system runs out of resources, the least used active app will be terminated. When a user leaves an app, the main UI thread will be suspended, however, other threads wont. So it's not impossible to have background threads that's playing music and such stuff. The no multitasking whatsoever stuff seems to just be something that everyone "know" is true, but haven't been confirmed.

Otherwise I don't see any problems that the iPhone doesn't have too, and that haven't stopped it from being a highly successful platform. Besides, I really like the idea of their try before you buy system in the Marketplace.

The point is that Windows Mobile has always been for people who really want to get inside their phones - and changing from one niche to another is usually quite difficult to pull off. Android doesn't really fulfil that niche as much as it could, though it does pretty well at it (much more so than iPhone or Windows Phone 7).

Also, silverlight? Are they insane? The poor phones'll be crippled! What sort of CPUs are they expecting to be inside them?

Sіr. Ηaxalot:
Silverlight aren't anywhere near that resource hogging you claim it to be. Sure, it may be a bit slower than WinForms and other similiar APIs, but it has the ability to GPU accelerate 3D and some 2D effects, offloading the main CPU. It will be enough for most UIs, and if you need to do alot of updates (where the weakness of WPF/Silverlight comes in) you should probably use XNA instead (e.g. games).

Afaik the only platform that meets the min requirements for the platform is Snapdragon.


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