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Stranger Come Knocking:
What was the last movie you saw?  Big screen or little screen, what was it and how would you rate it on a scale from 1 to 10?  And would you recommend it to anyone?

IMPORTANT: If you are one of those people who loves gushing about an awesome movie, use Spoiler please. :3

Spoiler: How to use SpoilerThis is Spoiler.

[ s p o i l e r ]
Spoiler here
[ / s p o i l e r]

But without the spaces.

Edit: Also, not a rule but a courtesy thing might be to italicize the movie title or do "something" to it so it stands out from the sentence.

Last Movie I Saw:
I watched Hot Tub Time Machine last night.  I would rate it a 2/3.  Definitely something different, but not in a good way. O.O Recommend?  Absolutely not.

Saw bits of Avatar on my computer today, more fanfic researching. Would I rate it? Let me think ....

In theater Paul, Would I rate it? Yeah, it's OK, not quite Shaun of the dead, but not bad. Just don't expect another Avatar. 7.5/10

'Oma Tirea:

--- Quote from: Ikranari on March 26, 2011, 01:50:38 pm ---Last movie I saw... Avatar  ::)
Saw it on my computer, and do I have to raite it... 10 of course!

--- End quote ---

Fì'u nìteng ::)

I saw an ancient movie last night, Good Morning Vietnam. Probably get a....6.5.

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
Hmm.. I believe last one must have been The Hangover. 0_0 It's kinda very useless and stupid, but also funny sometimes. xD I'd give a 7/10, max. ::)


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