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Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

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I'm incredibly hyped for this episode since it could be a total mindblow. Why? Because of the Emperor at the end. If you are up to date with animated movies and comics the situation presented in the teaser is quite interesting. Before I will go to certain speculations let's go through the lore.

Time travels exist in Star Wars. We have two examples of that:
1. Rebels animated movie: one of the guy enters the portal to save Ahsoka from Vader (few scenes ago she died). In this "dimension" there are certain portals with voices, we can hear Obi-Wan, Luke, Yoda, Anakin and even Ben Solo (so there is also a possibility to travel to the future).
2. In one of the comics about Darth Vader. It takes place just after The Revenge of the Sith. Anakin still loves Padme and he wants to save her. In his castle which he has on Mustafar he opens a portal to the past. Unfortunately, Amidala rejects him one more time and what is more he has to fight against phantoms of his masters.

The title Rise of Skywalker has an incredible ambiguity since "rise" in English refers to 1. When you fell and raise 2. When someone is born (a new generation rises)

So now some of the thoughts about Ep.9:

1. Palpatine is the father of Anakin Skywalker. Do you remember Ep.3 when he tells a story about Darth Plagueis to Anakin? He said that he was able to create life and save people from death. Unfortunately his padawan killed him while he was sleeping. Well, we know that it was the story about his (Palpatine's) master and the person who killed him was Palpatine himself. Probably he taught him the art how to stop death and create life. Palpatine during the story telling says that "He was able to save all people from death but he couldn't save himself". Let's analyze this: We don't really know how this "saving" works in SE universe; is it just a resurrection or (imo more possible) traveling in time to change the past. In this case the quote that is above fits perfectly: When you can't save yourself? When you are already dead so you can't travel in time. But comming back to Anakin. So Palpatine knows how to stop death and create life. With his force he makes Shmi Skywalker pregnant (Remember? She said to Quai-Gon that there was no father) because he knows that in the future he will help him. In this case "rise" in the title would be about him - the creator of Skywalkers.

2. Palpatine doesn't die in Ep.6. When Vader throws him inside the hole he has around 100 km before he will touch the core generator of the Death Star. It's plenty of time, isn't it? What can he do then? Well, as he learned, he opens the portal to alternative universe where the Empire doesn't exist and never existed and where the Republic is growing up. In this place he collects new servants, rises in power to finally return to the universe in Ep.9. Snoke was just a puppet for him who was supposed to prepare "the grounds" for his comeback (create an army, seduce Ben Solo etc.)

Those are only speculations but Abrams said that this episode will complete the saga and will make connection between all the episodes. The title is very tricky. Remember The Last Jedi? Everyone thought that it's about Luke but at the end he dies so "the last" is about Rey.

I remember! The last jedi is Rey!
I saw this movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi in cinema, in 3D and i was just amazed!
I can't wait to see episode IX, The Rise Of Skywalker!

Rogue Aw:
Vezìr, those are some compelling thoughts, they all make sense! I guess we'll have to see what Daddy Palps has in store for us. I think this will be a great Epsode!


--- Quote from: Rogue Aw on April 18, 2019, 01:18:54 pm ---Vezìr, those are some compelling thoughts, they all make sense! I guess we'll have to see what Daddy Palps has in store for us. I think this will be a great Epsode!

--- End quote ---
Yeah, this all really make sense.

I hope that this will be a great episode too.

Yeah I really hope that they will go with the lore presented not only in the movies but also in comics and animated films.

And probably the best moment during the announcement  :)


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