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TOOTHLESS 1, 2, & 3 - How to Train your Dragon.

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This movie was very good.

I enjoyed it a lot.  I was surprised, usually I tend to think these kid friendly films are too kid friendly, like shorts, which was complete garbage, but I think I will get my brother to take his kids next weekend.

I would like another film to come from this, but success for animation requires making 200 million, and without that, there does not seem to be much of a future there.

Taronyu Ayunilyä Alahe:
thank you Bagget for telling me that :)
it is a very good movie and it's not cheesy or seem to be done in a rush. :D

Yeah. They took their time with it an they did very well. I expect to go see it gain soon. I will also be buying the banner they ave hanging at he heater. You know. The huge one that would cover up an entire wall. It seems to be something like 10 feet by 8 feet or close to that. Should look great in my living room.

Hmm, I need to get out and see this one.  Is it based on a book, by any chance?  Those names sound familiar to me for some reason.

Not that I know of but it is a common enough theme. They just managed to make a great wist to the story and quirky enough to catch our eyes on a subject that fascinates and intrigues us.


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