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Started by Tìtstewan, May 25, 2015, 10:44:51 AM

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This board is for general subjects about music of all kinds. For Avatar related fan music, check out the Fan Music board, and for music in Na'vi only or translations of songs in Na'vi, see the board Pamtseo nìNa'vi Nì'aw. Feel free to talk about your favorite music, also about artists, composers etc.
The general forum guideline apply.

Some important and useful notes about linking material from YouTube and other video portals.

  • Generally, you should try to link music videos from authentic source. If you are going to link a music video from YouTube, try to link those videos that has been uploaded by a verificated/licensed uploader. This will help to reduce work of moderation and also the video will usually not be deleted by the video portal staff, so that it remains available for the people. For example, YouTube uses a small tag [✔] next to the uploaders name to identificate a verified content uploader. Keep in mind, there are some "not-yet" verificated/licensed uploaders. Linking their videos should be fine, but the uploaders profile should look authentic.
  • Of course, you can link your own creation. :)
  • Also OK are videos that has been recognized by YouTube. You can see below the video following lines:

    Music        <music's title> by <artist or composer>

  • There are some videos that has been uploaded before this forum was created. Linking such old videos should not be a problem.


It is extremely helpful to check the video description before linking it, even if it is recognized by the video portal. Some uploaders have added links to audio files for download. IF the music is declared as "free music" (non-copyrighted material) it is OK, if not, you should NOT link that video here on this forum.

If you are not sure, simply ask a moderator. :)

Seiyi Irayo!

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