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Blue Elf:
Any piano learner here? I've recent got idea to learn to play a piano without teacher - because I noticed of Synthesia software. After some time of playing with this SW I realized it could be useful for those, who already can play a piano. But real total beginner needs something different, and PianoMarvel looks like working solution.
To not throw money out of window, I borrowed old Yamaha keyboard from my colleague and started to learn using Piano Marvel free account. Did anyone do the same? What are results, opinions, recommendations? Originally I wanted to learn without knowing notes, music theory etc., but seems some music basics are necessary. So, can someone share his/her experience? Do you use some different learning SW? (I know there are others, like flowkey, but didn't try).
Currently I'm in process of evaluation learning process and if my interest survive vacation, I plan to buy my own keyboard and premium account at Piano Marvel (and I'm sure at least one of my daughters join me). What keyboard do you use / recommend?
thanks for any information.


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