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Any fans out there?
Not sure if they are known in the USA but in the EU they are quite a big thing.

New album came out recently with such awesome songs as-

(official song link / Legal)

You can thank me later for showing you awesome Music from the UK! ;)

And yes a song of theirs was used in Twilight (vomits) :-X.
But they have been around for alot longer than that movie/books have.

Peace!  8)

Ezy Ryder:
I don't like them too much, they concentrate almost only on vocals and the guitarist also isn't too good. But that's just my opinion. Right or not. I preffer rock.


Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:
I'm more of a [Nana Mizuke - Eternal Blaze] kind of person.

Big fan of theirs, I saw them the other day at a gig they were headlining ;D

Swok Txon:
Only song i really like from muse is "Super Massive Black Hole"

pretty dam good


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