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New worst song ever?!

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Txantslusam Skxawng:
"Mass Text" - Tay Allyn- Official Music Video

--- Quote --- "Mass Text" - a music video by Tay Allyn, might be the worst song ever recorded. It's like Rebecca Black's Friday, but without the memorable melody or charming singer. Tay Allyn describes herself as "Ke$ha without the sex, and Gaga without the avant garde," but she declines to state how she's also without any of the talent. She's like a less talented KE$HA. THINK ABOUT HOW BAD THAT IS. Tay Allyn says her music is "sassy, fun, and RELATABLE." What do you think? Do you think maybe she's trolling all of us?
--- End quote ---

Rebecca Black seems like nothing compared to this

LOL, I stopped to listening this video after 29 sec....

Ezy Ryder:
Doesn't seem much different compared to 90% of the rest of modern music. Computer generated melody (reminds me of a quote about Jazz: "music from times when musicians could actually play musical instruments" :) ), just one, young vocalist, with a rather high voice, plus putting the most... don't want to say "effort", rather "focus", into the lyrics...
So what is it exactly about that particular song that makes You think it's the worst one? What the lyrics are talking about? That doesn't appear as a very important thing to me, "I am the walrus" doesn't make much sense, yet is a great song (in many people's eyes, or rather ears); and personally, I've been enjoying English music before learning the language; or You can look at for example, Jazz, there are plenty of Jazz songs without any lyrics, or with scat (which for some reason people nowadays don't really like, judging by the phenomenon of "Trololol song").
So to summarize, it's hard to say whether something's good or bad, as many people have different tastes (and I bet You could find at least a few people who actually liked this song), and at most You can judge the quality of performance.

*runs away screaming*


--- Quote from: sfc78 on July 19, 2013, 09:33:46 am ---*runs away screaming*

--- End quote ---
;D Indeed.

Txantslusam: Maybe Mulher Coité is worse...


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