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Re: Music Dedicated Especially For My Friends And For You All!

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And one of my favorite music:
<-- This is our second family and home! We need each other and we need to fight for what we love! Everyone will be in my heart! Doesn't matter If you have a disability or not, we have to help each other! Love and Respect! I will be always somewhere! I will be always here and i will fight for LN Community and for You! THIS BOND BETWIN US CAN'T BE BROKEN! When some people told me "You are bad!", "You makes mistakes intentionally!"....<-- this made me to think that i'm bad and ugly! BUT, when Neyri, Tìtstewan and Teyvit Te Koletxi Rosarey'itan told me "I see someone is giving hope and love to other people!", "You give hope and love!", "You are a beautiful woman and you give hope and love to other people! I love love and i love you!"... <-- this made me feel happy, brave and to trust myself and made me feel beautiful! :D
We are unstoppable, we are a family! This Community and PEOPLE from LN Community are so open-minded, good, theyr soul is good! Here are teachers, students, fans and other people! I love this Community and i love that i meet so many good people! Never lose your hope! Fight for what you like and love! Don't give up, don't be afraid!


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