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Re: Music Dedicated Especially For My Friends And For You All!

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Kaltxì ma eylan sì frapo! Today i decided to start a new topic of music! In this topic you can put every video which you want with music! :D
This topic is started because i have many friends and i love them! So, let's listen and dedicate a video to someone! :D
Hope you like it and enjoy! :D

Dedicated to Teyvit Te Koletxi Rosarey'itan:


All Of You See An Error Send Me A PM

Ok, so i had 3 errors, now let's try this!
Dedicated to Teyvit Te Koletxi Rosarey'itan, Melìsa, Neytiri2000, Tìtstewan and Tirea Aean, and all of you! ;)

I didn't posted for a very long time, but hope you like it:
<-- Dedicated To LN Community! :D Spoilerand to all the people from this Community!


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