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The Spirit of Pandora by Leonhardt North



While I was browsing on Avatar forums I found this album inspired by the movie. It was made by Leonhard North.
The tracks contain very little sung parts, so it's mainly instrumental.

This album contains a few good tracks. I let you discover.

I would say that this Album is very inspired by Avatar.

For me, first few tracks sound like Pandora or Avatar but rest of that is only "inspired".*
As a Avatar fan: "You can't make Na'vi culture music using guitar."

Guitar is ok if played well, ihmo.
Some sound tracks like the "Na Vi" reminds me on a song I heared (I'm pretty sure it is a slightly modified version of an already existing instrumental sound track - I don't know the song's name, but I heared it on YT, hmm). Also, the whole album sounds like an ambient/relax music. But yes, there are a few tracks that's inspired by Avatar. :)

Few tracks are really good  :)

Song "Na Vi" is wonderfull for me.


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