Na'vi couples...hetro, homo etc/.

Started by 'Ì'awn Menari, August 22, 2010, 08:18:32 AM

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The creative artistic series "injununity" aired on PBS has a segment touching upon North American Native Cultural perspectives upon the term Two spirits it may be an interesting example to share and honestly there are many other voices on this subject there as well..



In my view of what the Na'vi culture would possibly do, I could see a gay Tsaheylu successfully bonding the couple, or like hetero couples, perhaps a Tsaheylu cannot be made and that is a sign from Eywa, I have a feeling that if the bond between two people regardless of gender or sexual orientation is not accepted by Eywa, it is going to greatly impact the potential couple in am emotionally spiritual way. The couple will seek guidance of their loved ones, and especially the Tsahik. In turn I feel that the couple can keep trying to make a bond but if it never happens, the Tsahik would agree that maybe there is something not meant to be between the two. This does not mean Eywa has prejudice toward any group, gay or straight. it could be about individual health or something we don't yet understand. If Eywa accepts the bond, then it takes. Thinking back to Neytiri saying "We are mated before Eywa, it is done.", kinda debunks my theory though. That tells that the couples have guaranteed connection/bond to each other, just as a Na'vi and Ikran. Now I am rambling. Time to discuss further on this Tsaheylu theory elsewhere.
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I really just think that all queue bonds will work. Unless someone was born with a defective nervous system or queue assembly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have a paper in my collection that goes into bias in some or most anthropological studies where any non-normative sexuality is ignored within indigenous, endemic, migrant, and minority cultures.
Took as an example the mayans.
I find that much more interesting than things which are reinterpreted in terms of western norms.
take-of that what you will.