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Started by unìl mäkto, April 17, 2012, 03:53:24 PM

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unìl mäkto

I was just wondering if some new what kind of food they have I would assume some kind of tea for drinks but I didn't know what else


We do know that they eat yerik and teylu. They drink water (re. Neytiri drinking from the pitcher plant). I am sure there is something they have a tea / leaf-drink, but the name for that is, I assume, in the hands of James Cameron.
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Ngopyu ayvurä.

Eana Unil

I'm bettin' that they're also eating Talioang/Sturmbeest, Fwampop/Tapirus, and many fruits/vegetables (e.g. maybe the fruit which Grace throws to Jake after he was in his Avatar for the first time, and this fruit is no Banana fruit imho). Which fruits and plants and other stuff they're eating/drinking is another secret to be revealed by J.C. in the future, like Puvomun mentioned.

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we know for definite they eat sturmbeest. they hunted them in the film
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Eana Unil

I know, that's why I mentioned it. But due to the fact we just saw that they hunted it, we can't be sure that they ate it aswell. But to me it's highly likely that they did/do eat Sturmbeet, because I doubt that the Na'vi would waste such a huge recource of meat.

Niri Te

 It's a pretty safe bet that the Ikran Tripe of the Eastern Sea eat fish, why stay there if they don't?
Niri Te
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unìl mäkto

Thanks I just wasn't sure if it was in a book somewhere. But I do know that they eat the strum Beast because he say your spirit goes to eywa and your body stays behind to become one with the people.


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unìl mäkto

Quote from: Kamean on April 18, 2012, 02:42:39 PM
Na'vi food. :)

Well wouldn't it be cool to have na'vi Inspired meals like say at a picknick

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

Here is the answer to your question!

Na'vi Cuisine!


Seze Mune

OOO, gotta love it! BUT...s/he forgot: no 'q' in Na'vi!!

unìl mäkto

That sounds awesome! But now I'm hungry. :-\


click on this page.

there are all the infos u need to know bout food 'n stuff ;)

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