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Tirea Aean:
I was never a crazy child. Mostly calm and always analyzing and puzzle-solving... When I wasn't playing Fps games lol.

I still get the sentiment tho. There is generally a difference between the behavior of children and adults, involving the maturity level

Anyway, I wasn't serious. :P

What is meant for you will find a way to reach you.
Ngari syay kayan rivun

Good one :) And nice image!

Blue Elf:

--- Quote from: Vawmataw on July 31, 2018, 08:10:56 pm ---What is meant for you will find a way to reach you.
Ngari syay kayan rivun

--- End quote ---
Nice proverb, but Na'vi text translates to "Related to you, fate will intend to find" - not specified what. Remember, that kan, or more precisely only it's kolan form has limited usage in meaning "I meant" only in self-correction, see examples here (i.e. Oeri tsyokx tìsraw si . . . kolan zekwä).

To make better version, some rewording will help:
Ngari telel rayun ngat => Your matters will find you
Ngari syayìl rayun ngat => Your fate will find you

or very exactly:
Telel ngeyä rayun fya'ot a wo ngat - your matters will find way to reach for you (warning - this is probably not correct, as we need reach you)

or very loosely:
Ke tsun fko 'ivawnìm syayit fkeyä => One can't avoid it's fate; it's not possible to avoid one's fate

Or something like that.


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