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Ioangìl akawng tok frapeyä na'rìngit aswok tìreyä.
There's an evil animal in everyone's sacred forest of life.
Meaning: Nobody's life is perfect. Everyone has or has had something negative in their life.

--- Quote from: Blue Elf on August 03, 2018, 08:13:49 am ---To make better version, some rewording will help:
Ngari telel rayun ngat => Your matters will find you
Ngari syayìl rayun ngat => Your fate will find you

--- End quote ---
I know I made that almost 2 years ago (I read your post but didn't reply) but I would drop ngari and choose the second sentence. :)
That's good and I retained your explanation.

Good proverb! Tìralpeng nìNa'vi sunu oeru!


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