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The Na'vi don't write, do they?

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--- Quote from: Kamean on March 17, 2012, 04:24:34 pm ---On my second forum, we tried to slightly improve the situation: :D

Default picture.

More brightness.

Then tried to make the inscription more clearly in two versions a little darker and lighter

The inscription below characters appear in English. If this is the board of the dismantled  boxes - can be a marks for the stevedores?

--- End quote ---

TEEEWTIII!!!! :O ...I never knew this ...WOU!!!!  ??? I never saw this before ...this is kinda interesting I was told that Na'Vi isn't written but THIS  ...might be proof  of it being able to be written.

Actually, we don't know for sure if the Na'vi have an own writing system. Those symbols one can see in that classroom could be a way of sign communication often used by sciencists.

However, one can see some signs on Neytiri's bow:

And even with this, there ist still the question if those sings represents kind of letters or they are just ornaments.

EDIT: And with a close look, one may will see some differences in design of the signs between those on the classroom and on Ney's bow.

Eltur tìtxen si :) I did not noticed these small details.

Interesting!  :)

wou I never noticed that about Neytiri's bow and now that you mention it ....you might be right cuz Grace would have them play with blocks with letters on them as well as reading books and writing English letters on a board so I think I just learned something new :)


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