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The Na'vi are another alien species that are peaceful and right brained in nature. Just like the ancient humans, they worship their mother planet Eywa or in contrast, what We humans would call our planet, Gaia. Now-The Na'vi do not exist for they were just created for a film, but the species and idea itself is real on many levels, they are just called a different name. I believe that us Indigos like myself are the real Na'vi of the universe. We come from the Pleadian solar system. We were sent here by our leaders to help save this planet and the "Human race". To do that though, we would have to have our spirits born into a human body so we wouldn't frighten the world once we came.
The Indigo are very peaceful by nature. And as an Indigo, I would like for you to learn about us and see how similar we are to the concepts of the Na'vi.

Tirea Aean:
This is really cool! I know what you mean by how the Na'vi, what they stand for and what kind of people they are, they're indeed real on many levels. I've tried to tell so many people this over the years outside of the internet. So many people out there just don't understand any of this. They just see things on the surface: they're a "fake" alien race "made up for a movie". That's so not even the point though. People who say the language and the people are fake completely don't get it. 1st of all the language is a real language by the very definition of a language, and the Na'vi people are real in the sense that their spirit and values can be found in many people on Earth.

Now off to check out how cool Indigo people are. :D

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm definently going to explain more. Who Indigos are and why they are here. How they are similar to the Na'vi that we might as well call ourselves Na'vi too. How we can advance ourselves spiritually to who we are supposed to be. And how we can help Gaia and her inhabitants physically and spiritually :D

The Kogi of Columbia one of the few tribes not touched by colonization  ,, and there story of Aluna may also hold interest to fans of Avatar
here is some dialog they have to share as well as some aspects of there creation story ,, Aluna is in there perspective the "root" mother ,, somewhat like "Eywa" in Avatar.  there is a language struggle because the Kogi language includes expressions and strutures not reflected at all well in the English language.. Alan Ereira the films director spoke upon the profound impact of Avatar in opening peoples perspectives
to some of the principles and perceptions the Kogi mamos (shaman) have spoken about for generations , the film "Aluna" in one example.
(the reference to "younger brother" refers to "us" the people from across the sea in truth "people of our ethos perspective" its important to note someone edited the image and put keepers of the world text in it that's not the filmmakers work)       


Lirerarilly, I understand the Na'vi as being an occurence of the "noble savage" archetype or stock character. The idea of the Noble Savage is that primitive peoples were pure and untainted by civilization and thus had qualities superior to colonialists and other "civilized" people. This pattern is apparent in Avatar as well as older works, like Dancing with the Wolves.

Of course the idea is romantic and sentimenal, and I personally believe that the archetype was a reaction of the western world to the colonialism and exploitation to them; after oppressing Africans, Native Americans etc, western world started looking at these "savages" in a more sympathetic light, perhaps in a kind of regret.

I believe that primitive peoples were usually as savage, ruthless and antagonistic as we civilized people are.


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