Started by tsrräfkxätu, May 18, 2010, 04:13:42 AM

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Despite the dramatic heading this is just a quick reminder for reigning NotWs.

Please make sure to choose and notify your successor as soon as your week begins to ensure a smooth transition when it's over. Thanks!

This way you can find out in time if they are unavailable or unwilling to take part, and also give them the opportunity to prepare for their week.
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'Oma Tirea

Also important for the reigning NotW: Don't forget to lock your thread when your reign is over and you have posted the answers to your True/False questions!

Look toward the bottom of the page for | LOCK TOPIC | and click that so I don't have to.  Irayo :)



Srake serar le'Ìnglìsìa lì'fyayä aylì'ut?  Nari si älofoniru rutxe!!