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Yeya Swizaw:

! Seperate thread - RDA member of the week.

Col Quaritch:
you racist blue monkey-cats  ;)

Added two more questions, but I still need at least ten others (good ones too!) Help me out please! I'd like to commence on the first Monday of April so we don't have much time to waste.

I also think we'll need a separate subforum for this to work well, so that every NotW can have a thread to themselves, which can be locked once their reign is over. Could it be done? Pretty please? :D


Wow, I think this is a great idea, and I think it'll help newer members (like me) get to know each other a lot better.  I know that just over a half hour ago I was asking myself, "What should I put in this introductions post?  What do they want to know?  Should I be funny?  Formal? What?!"  This would make it a LOT easier to figure out!

Now, I really want to be helpful, so I thought really hard and came up with one idea for a question:

11)  How do your friends respond when you tell them of your interest in learning Na'vi?  Do they laugh?  Cry?  Or think that that's really awesome?  How many of your friends have you told, anyway?

Anyway, if we can't get the 20 questions by next Monday, I suggest we just start anyway with the questions we have.  That should give us enough to really know the Na'vi of the Week, IMHO. 

Just my two cents.  'upe layu, layu.


Tsufätu Ayioangä:
What about something a long the lines of:

12) If you could sit down and ask Fromer/Cameron three questions (about the language or movie or characters) what would they be?

13) If you could ask Fromer how to say any three words/prases what would they be?  Why?


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