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Started by tsrräfkxätu, March 24, 2010, 04:10:38 PM

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Should NotW be closed until there is more activity on the forum?

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Change it to Na'vi of the Month
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Kaltxì, ma smuk!

(Forgive me, this isn't going to be my introduction, rather that of a new thread – if there are any among you who like my idea, and want to play along, that is. I couldn't find a better place for it.)

But first of all, here's a big IRAYO! to all of you who worked on it, for the successful and lossless transfer to the new server! I was getting genuinely worried – especially after the rollback message came up – that I'd return to a forum where I'd be a ketuwong still... :D

A day without my kelutral amuneve is a long time, and the hiatus gave me an opportunity to think some non-language related thoughts in many weeks. This is the result.

How about starting a thread, where every week a member of the community could invite another to introduce themselves a little more?

This is how it would work.
We select a first person (the fist Na'vi of the Week) to start the chain. Sometime during the first week s/he answers a set of previously determined questions, say 20 of them, and asks another member (maybe in PM first to avoid embarrassment) to be the next NotW. The previous NotW also gets to ask one extra question from the upcoming one. During week two, the second person posts  their replies, and so on and so forth. (Naturally, answering any particular question would be completely optional, but if you don't feel like telling anything about yourself then you probably shouldn't participate.)

The questions.
Here are a few sample questions. Feel free to suggest others – before the whole thing starts I will create a vote, so we can decide democratically which 20 to keep.

1) Who are you? Where are you coming from, what languages you speak, what do you do, how old are you, tell us a few words about your family, work etc. This is the "job interview" part. :D

2) What brought you here? Did you fall in love with the language? With Pandora? With a character? Did someone invite you? Or did you stumble upon this site? Once here, why did you decide to stay?

3) Do you speak Na'vi? How well? Why did you start to learn it (e.g. to write proper sentences in your fanfic, to translate the Bhagavad Gita, or because you're a linguist and can't help it?) What is your ultimate goal with the language? Do you have specific methods/tools you use in learning the language?

4) What else do you do in you free time. Why?

5) What is it that you liked/hated (most) about the movie that started it all? How many times have you seen it? How big of an Avatard are you? Prove it! :D

6) Share a funny/weird/embarrassing anecdote with us! Something along the lines of a MLIA short.

7) Has Avatar changed your life in any way? Are you trying to become a Na'vi? How and to what extent? Do you live on a tree? Do you wear your hair in  a long braid? Or are you just simply blue? Do you bond with animals? Is Gaia on your contact list? Did you have your photo 'shopped?

8) Where does you forum name come from? Does it have a special significance, is it the translation of your real name, or just a bunch of random letters thrown together? What about your forum avatar?

9) True or false. The incumbent NotW writes three statements about themselves, the more extravagant the better. At least one of these must be true. At the end of the week, s/he reveals which ones were truthful and which made up. In the meantime, people can guess away.

10) The bonus question. Asked by the previous NotW. Must be different each time.

11)  How did your friends, family, or colleagues react to your interest in learning Na'vi? Have you told them at all? Have you converted any of them?

12) If you could ask Frommer/Cameron three movie or language related questions (including word/phrases) what would they be? Why?

13) What's your personal contribution to the LN community that you're the most proud of? (You can name up to three.) What made you make those? Do you plan on contributing (again) in the future? How?

14) In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content (language doc, thread, quote, literary work, image, etc.) here? Why?

15) If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?

16) What three items (book, movie, game, instrument, music, sporting equipment, etc.) would you take to a desert island and why? (You'd be provided with means to fully utilize the chosen items – electricity, MP3 player, etc. –, but you couldn't use them for anything else.) Escape is not possible.

17) Pirate, ninja, zombie or robot? Something else? Maybe a combo? Exactly what subtype? Why? (For those of you not so versed in trash tropes, this question basically amounts to asking "What superpowers would you like to have?")

18) Name your top three favorite (Earth) animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of? Why?

19) If you were granted one single wish what would it be? Why?

20) What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?

I'd suggest Seabass for the first NotW as the person responsible for starting and running this place. If he's willing, of course.

Well, that's about it. I think this could be fun. So, who's with me?

edit: added Q#8
edit2: added Q#9 & 10
edit3: added Q's #11 to 14 (including those suggested by you)
edit4: added Q#15
edit5: added Q#16-20
edit6: changed Q#19

The current list has been sent to the first NotW. You can still suggest questions. The list is not set in stone, and can be changed during the course of the game.
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Yeya Swizaw

You know, I quite like this idea :)

"Everybody loves me... except people who don't"
  "Oe yawne lu frapor... oe ke lu suteru mungwrr"

Tsufätu Ayioangä

I like this idea. :D  I think it'll help us feel like a smaller comunity and for like a family :D

Tirea Aean

Nice! I like it. I might call it Tute kinäsrrä

(oeru txoa livu fpi tsalì'u a vay set ke lu awngar.)

Col Quaritch

Yeya Swizaw


! Seperate thread - RDA member of the week.
"Everybody loves me... except people who don't"
  "Oe yawne lu frapor... oe ke lu suteru mungwrr"

Col Quaritch

you racist blue monkey-cats  ;)


Added two more questions, but I still need at least ten others (good ones too!) Help me out please! I'd like to commence on the first Monday of April so we don't have much time to waste.

I also think we'll need a separate subforum for this to work well, so that every NotW can have a thread to themselves, which can be locked once their reign is over. Could it be done? Pretty please? :D
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Wow, I think this is a great idea, and I think it'll help newer members (like me) get to know each other a lot better.  I know that just over a half hour ago I was asking myself, "What should I put in this introductions post?  What do they want to know?  Should I be funny?  Formal? What?!"  This would make it a LOT easier to figure out!

Now, I really want to be helpful, so I thought really hard and came up with one idea for a question:

11)  How do your friends respond when you tell them of your interest in learning Na'vi?  Do they laugh?  Cry?  Or think that that's really awesome?  How many of your friends have you told, anyway?

Anyway, if we can't get the 20 questions by next Monday, I suggest we just start anyway with the questions we have.  That should give us enough to really know the Na'vi of the Week, IMHO. 

Just my two cents.  'upe layu, layu.

If I bork up what I'm trying to say, even if it's not relevant to the conversation, please DO NOT HESITATE to PM me, and you will get karma!

Tsufätu Ayioangä

What about something a long the lines of:

12) If you could sit down and ask Fromer/Cameron three questions (about the language or movie or characters) what would they be?

13) If you could ask Fromer how to say any three words/prases what would they be?  Why?

Tirea Aean


Excellent questions, both of you! Thanks! Eight more to go... :D
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14) How long do you spend on the forums a day?

15) Favourite quote from the movie?

16) Favourite sentence <That you've created>

Irayo ulte rutxe sung oeyä aytìpawm!!!

- KxanìaTaronyu
"Oel kameie ayngati. Irayo ayngaru ulte Eywa ngahu. 'Ivong Na'vi aysmukan sì aysmuke. Aynga lu Eywayä ayeylan ulte aynga lu yawne oer. Kìyevame!" 

Prrwll Nari

I'm really looking forward to this  :)
I hope we really can get a subforum going. This is just such a good idea!

17.) Has seeing Avatar made you change anything in your life? Do you notice plants more? Have you taken up nature walks, or begun exercising so you can be athletic and swift like the Na'vi?


Excellent news! I exchanged PMs with the Big Fish, and he is in full support of the initiative! The NotW might even get a separate subsection on the forum. He hasn't agreed to be the first NotW yet, but I hope he'll give in to pressure in the end. :D

I've also updated the list of questions, only 6 more to go...
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Cool, this sounds interesting. I thought of a couple of questions. Add them if you like.

18) If you could go anywhere on this planet (ha!) where would that be and why?

19) If you had a time machine, what would you do? And why?


Here are the official rules of the NotW game.

1) Every person can only hold the title once.

2) The reign of the NotW lasts from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 23:59 UTC. Make the best of it! DO NOT, under any circumstances, make a NotW post outside your reign.

3) Duties of the incumbent NotW.

  • Create a new thread within the NotW subforum bearing the title NotW #<number>, and post your answers using the NotW Template.

  • Choose and notify the succeeding NotW. This should be done ASAP so that if the person selected is not available/willing to participate, there is still time to pick another. The chain must not be broken!

  • Keep your successor's identity secret. Except for you two, none must know it until the time comes for the new NotW to reveal themselves.

  • Come up with an interesting Bonus Question, and remember to ask it from the upcoming NotW.

  • Tell the correct answers to your three True or False Statements,

  • and lock your thread at the end of their reign.

4) Responsibilities of the NotW-to-be.

  • If you receive a PM, asking you to be the next NotW, reply to it ASAP, so the sender knows you're interested (or not.)

  • DO NOT assume to be the next NotW until you are explicitly told so by the actual NotW!

  • Keep your appointment secret until the time comes to make your first post.

5) There are 20 questions on the list. Some of the current ones may be replaced in the future. You have to provide an answer to ALL of the questions on the list. Be sure to check the actual Template (and the Bonus Question) before accepting the title of NotW to avoid surprises.

6) Anyone can post in a NotW thread to interact with the incumbent NotW. Everything NOT related to the NotW is considered off-topic and might be removed.

7) The final rules (v1.0) of the game can only be changed through a majority vote. Until then, everyone is invited to suggest changes to this rule set.
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Prrwll Nari

I have one thing I think might need to be addressed, actually. Each NotW is going to add a question as they pass it along. After we've had 10 or 20 NotW, won't that be an awful lot of questions added?

Or maybe I'm misinterpreting, and the questions added by the previous NotW are not permanently kept ones.


Quote from: Prrwll Nari on April 03, 2010, 12:33:54 AM
I have one thing I think might need to be addressed, actually. Each NotW is going to add a question as they pass it along. After we've had 10 or 20 NotW, won't that be an awful lot of questions added?

Or maybe I'm misinterpreting, and the questions added by the previous NotW are not permanently kept ones.

Yeah, sorry, the Bonus Questions don't carry over from previous weeks, so we'll always have only 20.
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Prrwll Nari

Ah okay then. That's good to know  ;D