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NotW #108: Ikxeru
« on: July 13, 2012, 01:30:31 am »
Well, I have been choosen, which is a great honor. As I am on a roat trip through the US driving right into the direction of Seattle for AvatarMeet I haven't had the time to answer the questions in time. Sorry for that. Anyway, here we go...

Quote from: Question #1
Who are you?

Well, I am a 40 yrs old gay German guy, who was born and lives in Essen.
Today I work as a field representative and marketing controller (IT division), working for the largest European newspaper publishing house. Currently I am untaken, so watch out: I am a hunter! ;)
I speak German as my native language, as well as English (quite) fluently.
My Na’vi is on an advanced level in reading and writing. Without the aid of a dictionary my spoken Na’vi sometimes is somewhat like a ride along a bumpy road. ;)
But it can’t be too bad, because thanks to Plumps I am a teacher of a Na’vi classes now :).
Besides from that I can speak a few words Dutch on a beginner’s level.
I’ve learned French in school, but I’ve forgotten nearly everything.
After school I’ve studied chemistry but didn’t graduate, because I decided to give it up and switch to journalism and worked for a long time as an editor/announcer for several radio stations.

Quote from: Question #2
Why are you here?
Meh, I was browsing the net looking for further informations about the movie, which had severly impacted me and my life at first sight.
Then I’ve found this community, and I had to make a decision: I wanted to learn a new language. I can speak a few words Dutch and wanted to intensify that initially, but then I’ve said to myself: Na’vi? Why not? :)
Cameron’s plan worked out perfectly: I wanted to be Na’vi from the bottom of my heart. I have fallen in love with Pandora.
Quickly I’ve found out that the members of this forum think the same way as I do in so many way plus being incredible respectful, helpful, crazy and nice. That made me stay. This place became my virtual Kelutral and I read and write posts every day on this site for at least an hour per day.

Quote from: Question #3
Where do your alias and profile pic come from?
My alias is a result of a long brain squish, playing around with Na’vi syllables until it sounded unique. I hate all these name generators around.
Profile pic?  As you can see, I have none at the moment, but if you like to see me, just browse the cosplay section :)

Quote from: Question #4
Srak nga tsun nìna’vi pivlltxe?
Tse, ma frapo. Tsun oe pivlltxe nìNa’vi nìprrte’ ayngahu fìtsap. Tsalsungay, law lu oer fwa zene oe nivume nìmun fte liveyn. Fìlì’fyari leNa’vi fpìl oel futa tsasyeiun oe tsulfä sivi krro.

My goal is to speak it fluently. I have to fresh up my vocab urgently.
I want to write complex poetry. I love to speak and [f]think[/f] Na’vi and thanks to this strong community I had - and still have - the ability to practice a lot and learn more and more.

My method to learn Na’vi... Hmmm... I’ve read the NiaN first and then... I started to use the language and play around with it. I love browsing dictionaries and words that I like I do adopt (and don’t forget). Learning lists of vocab is useless to me, I forget them within a few days. I have to use the words actively and I prefer conversations for practice or writing texts to adopt them.

My closer friends and all my workmates know that I learn the language and I never got any negative reaction. What they really think about me... I don’t care.
They would have mouthes to talk if something wouldn’t suit, but I never got any negative reaction. To proove my insanity, I went to the office in full make up  - so my workmates shouldn’t have any further questions.  ;)

Quote from: Question #5
What's you favorite Na’vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?
Oh, I don’t have that favorite word. Maybe it is kxetse, because I always wanted to have one :). On an everyday base I speak a lot of Na’vi in various Skype-groups and on LN’s TS-server and even at work I sign these boring FYI-memos that I post on the black board in the office with a Na’vi sentence, e.g. a small note like "rä’ä lu skxawng“ or something like that. :)
Words I use in everyday vocab are interjectionally used words like pxasìk, tam, tewti, tsahey, sran, kehe, etc. where the sound how I say it makes people who have never heard it before know, what it means.

Quote from: Question #6
In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?
Hard to tell: I love everything about the website.
What I use frequently is Taronyu’s dictionary in a printed version.
The NiaN is great for beginners, and I love William’s horen lì’fyayä leNa’vi which is my standard learning rescource and language reference.

Quote from: Question #7
Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?
It is a great honor for me to be an editor of which evolved from the original content of Taronyu’s dictionary.
[surreptitious advertising]Probably the best online dictionary on the web. [/surreptitious advertising]
I will go on to be productive as much as possible to let the language bloom and to give something back to the community. I have started to write a Na’vi language teaching book. Let’s see, when it will be finished...

Quote from: Question #8
What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?
I have seen the film around 15 times, but not too often, because I fear that it could become boring. Most of the merchandise I don’t like and I am not a collector.
As I started bodypainting... meh, I AM the movie. ;)
I write stories to evolve the original content and I speak Na’vi.

Quote from: Question #9
Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?
That is a complex question! Avatar had a huge impact to my life, because it worked on so many meta-levels for me. Far more than I can describe in a few words. I was a workaholic, who sacrificed his life to the career – and I lost contact to the world around me. I was on dreamhunt some twenty years ago (if you know what I mean ;)) when the border between the world inside myself and the outside world no longer existed and I remembered this experience again. All the supressed feelings did come up by viewing that film.
I cried for days and it galvanized me.
Avatar made me think about my entire life and I am on my way finding myself: On the way back to the things that really count in life.

I’ve found a whole bunch of new siblings here, which I see regulary in RL as well as on Skype or by other means.

Since the time I’ve studied natural sciences I always believed in our Great Mother, you may name it Gaia, if you like. I truly believe that there is a big circular flow of energy in the whole universe and all life is a part of that circle that brings together energy that will be returned to that circle after life in a constant flow.

About the other questions... Am I blue... Well, from time to time ;)

Quote from: Question #10
If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?
As I see Frommer in person next week, I guess I will ask him myself :)  (To be honest: I have no idea at the moment of what to ask him... :p)

Quote from: Question #11
What else do you do in you free time?
I hang around a lot in Second Life for RPGs, like to travel to see the (real) world or simply go out and stroll through the nearby forests of the place where I live.
Meh, the other things I do in my free time are more or less related to Na’vi or Avatar. ^

Quote from: Question #12
Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?
1) cats of all kinds, esp. cheetahs and tigers
2) wolves
3) bears

A few years ago I would have nominated spiders as the most teriffying animals, but that changed in the meantime. I find out that they are a masterpiece of nature. I don’t really like them, but I am not an arachnophobiac any longer.

Quote from: Question #13
Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?
Maybe a ninja-robot :)

Quote from: Question #14
What three items would you take to a desert island and why?
1) water purification and desalination machine
2) notebook with satellite link to the internet
3) supply of emergency medicine
Anything else can be made on yourself. Well, theoretically.

Quote from: Question #15
If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?
(Surpise, surpise :) :) :))

Quote from: Question #16
If you were granted one single wish what would it be?
That the humans would overcome their greed for filthy lucre.

Quote from: Question #17
What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?
Am I happy with my life?  ... I feel that I am going into the right direction. At least: I am moving, even when running in circles.

Quote from: Question #18
True or false?
A) I’ve played a Nazi in a stage play in theatre in 1993 going on tour for a year with that.
B) I’ve gambled away my house in Las Vegas in 2006 during a summer vacation.
C) I’ve invented an enzymatic detergent for washing soaps in 1995 which was a discovery by accident during a series of experiments in applied organic chemistry.

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTR
What is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na’vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?
That I was thrown out of a shopping mall while cosplaying a full native Na’vi.
The point is: My armed weapon (i.e. longbow and arrows with steel tips) was no problem, but my appearance... These security guys know what’s important to look at. *rofl*

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus Question
What is the one thing you like most about the na'vi language or na'vi community?
I am still be over the moon (=Pandora ^^) of how the community sticks together.
I love to think nìNa’vi. And I feel being connected with my smuk.

Tse, ma frapo: Rä’ä ftang tivìran fya’oìlä awngeyä fte 'ivong Na’vi!!!

- ta Ikxeru
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Krro tsayun oe 'ivefu nìftxavang nìmun.
Krro oeri txe'lan tìsraw ke sasyi nulkrr ulte tsun oe rivun tìme'emit nìmun.
Krro fra'u lasyatem.
Krro a lu pxiye'rìn, pxiswaway, pxiset, set.
Krro lu krrpe? Ke omum nìno, tì'eyngmungwrr a'aw a lu oer.
Krro layu...

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2012, 09:56:41 am »
Ma nawma tsmukan Ikxeru, oel ngati kameie

Seykxel sì nitram!

Sìlpey oe tsnì Eywa ngahu livu frakrr sì fratseng. :-*

'en si oe: Tsleng - Tsleng - Ngay. :-\

kintrrìri txana tì’o’ ngar livu. ;D

'Ivong Na’vi ulte Eywa hu nga,

- ta Robert
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2012, 10:55:21 am »
Txantsan, ma Ikxeru! Kameie ngat!

Teri pxesìpawm ngeyä oe 'en si ngay, tsleng, ngay - hìtxoa, slä fko ke new snivaytx kelutralit fu kelkuti sneyä...

Rangal ngaru furia kintrr ngeyä leiu 'o' sì lefpom - slä rä'ä 'ia! ;)

Eywa ngahu livu.

ta Ningey

"Sawtute ke tsun nivume - fo ke kerame!"
-- Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite

"There are two things that are infinite: Human stupidity and the universe. However, I'm not yet sure about the universe."
-- Albert Einstein

"He who gives up freedom for security deserves neither and loses both."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2012, 11:59:24 am »
Seykxel sì Nì tram ma oeyä Eyktan Ikäeru!

I think that it is funny that you went to the office in FULL NA'VI!

I think it amusing that you were escorted from the mall for over exposure!

I am going to guess:
1) Ngay, fwa it makes me laugh to think of a gay Nazi!
2) Tsleng,I would hope that you didn't gamble away your house,
    unless it was an EXTRA house because:
3) Ngay, you are fabulously wealthy from your invention of enzymatic detergent!

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2012, 03:40:28 pm »
Ma Ikxeru - zola'u nìprrte' fìtsenge ulte seykxel sì nitram!
Ngaru livu lepfoma kintrr a'o'.
Pxesäplltxeri 'en si oe: ngay - tsleng - ngay (ke spaw futa ngal snolaytx kelkuti; ke lam oeru fw nga lu * gambler ;D)

Krra za'u ne Sìätll, rutxe tìng fraporu aylì'uti alu san kaltxì sìk a ta oe.
Ngaru tsawlultxa a'o'!

Ta B.E.
Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
"Oe tasyätxaw ulte koren za'u oehu" (Limonádový Joe)

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2012, 12:54:19 pm »
Kaltxì ma mipa Na'vi Kintrrä alu Ikxeru :) Tse, taweyka fìkintrr lamu lekye'ung nì'it, oel fpìl futa tsun oe ngati tivung futa 'ì'awn Na'vi Kintrrä vaykrr haya Trr'awve fte tsivun livu ngaru krr letam na Na'vi Kintrrä :)

Nìvingkap, tsame'a oel futa nga merakto ne Siätll ulte newomum fwa txo nga ftayem kxamlä 'southwest Washington' taluna oe kelku si tsatseng hrh. Tse, ngeyä kintrr svunu ngaru :)

-Txonä Rolyu

AvatarMeet was fantastic. Thanks to all who attended :D

Avatar Nation Karyu :D

Na'vi Kintrrä #70° :D

Keyeyluke ke tsun livu kea tìnusume

Oeri Uniltìrantokxìl txe'lanit nì'aw takeiuk nì'ul txa' fralo

Fpìl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tìran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2012, 02:04:40 pm »
Ma ’eylan anawm alu Ikxeru

tstunwia aylì’uri ngeyä oe ngaru seiyi irayo nìtxan! Ulte furia nga lu Na’vi fìkintrrä seykxel sì nitram!

I don’t believe this … you are supposed to enjoy your holidays in another country and prepare yourself for the tsawlultxa a mì Siätll … you are not supposed to still ‘haunt’ the forums ;D

Enjoy your trip ;)

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #7 on: July 16, 2012, 02:28:01 am »
Congratulations on being NotW

I know someone that was in the editorial field.

I do not think our paths have crossed until now.

You are more brave than I am to go to work decked out. Not only would that be unsafe for me as I am in the metal industry, but there are also some people that thing Avatar was a rip off and harass me on occasion. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but for the most part it seems to have stopped.

I've seen Avatar many many many more times than you have and trust me, it does not get old.

As I see Frommer in person next week, I guess I will ask him myself   (To be honest: I have no idea at the moment of what to ask him... :p)

I asked him last year for the word 'egg' (cause ikran are in a rookery so one would surmise there are eggs) and another word which I have forgotten but know is not Na'vi fied.

A) I’ve played a Nazi in a stage play in theatre in 1993 going on tour for a year with that.
B) I’ve gambled away my house in Las Vegas in 2006 during a summer vacation.
C) I’ve invented an enzymatic detergent for washing soaps in 1995 which was a discovery by accident during a series of experiments in applied organic chemistry.

A = False
B = False
C = True

NOTE: All previous replies that used only Na'vi without translation.. shame on you for leaving the beginners behind.

"He who destroys a good book kills reason itself." -John Milton

"Mathematics is the gate and key to the sciences." -Roger Bacon

"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." -Socrates

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2012, 01:38:45 pm »
Mllteie oe Plumpshu :)

Gratuliere dir  :D

'en si oe... hmm...


Ke omängum oe  :-\ ;)

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #9 on: July 16, 2012, 03:07:01 pm »
Kaltxì ulte seykxel sì nitram, ma Ikxeru!
Rangal oe tsnì lìvu ngaru txantsana tìsop ultxane a mì Syetll, nìtengfya le’awa tsatsawlultxa eltur tìtxen sìyevi ulte lìyevu ’o’ nìngay.

Pxesäplltxeri ngeyä, ’en sìyi oe: Ngay, Tsleng, Ngay.
To appear as Nazi is quite possible, because someone has to play bad guys :D, and as I know that lot of great finds was discovered purely by accident, third statement seems to be true as well. However, I do not believe you bet own house (whether small or big) in the gamble.

What I use frequently is Taronyu’s dictionary in a printed version.
Great! Good to know that I am not the only one "old-school guy" who prefers to have it on paper. ;D
Anything published exlusively on Discord (and not in this forum) does not exist...

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Re: NotW #108: Ikxeru
« Reply #10 on: July 18, 2012, 09:45:14 pm »
Thanks for all the replies.
Well, I guess I have to close this thread now...

Some of you may be surprised to hear the answers to the True&False-questions...

So, here we go:

B: Definitly not and never... I am not a gambler.
C: Nearly true. I did some research on enzymatic detergents, but never invented something new. I am just a good cook in organic chemistry. But to be honest, I nearly forgot everything during the last 20 years... It's a shame...

The answer that is 100% true is: A

I was on stage performing a play called txe"lan lefngap (Heart of Steel)...
Feel free to ask, if you want to know anything.

In the meantime, I passed the baton on to the next one

Tse, nìmun new oe pivlltxe san 'Ivong Na'vi ma smuk sìk
Compute for a greater good! Join LN's [email protected]!

Krro tsayun oe 'ivefu nìftxavang nìmun.
Krro oeri txe'lan tìsraw ke sasyi nulkrr ulte tsun oe rivun tìme'emit nìmun.
Krro fra'u lasyatem.
Krro a lu pxiye'rìn, pxiswaway, pxiset, set.
Krro lu krrpe? Ke omum nìno, tì'eyngmungwrr a'aw a lu oer.
Krro layu...


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